New Playlist • Music for Mondays 10.6.14

A collection of tunes that brought a Monday to life

Odesza x Hermitude

The 2 Bears

Parra for Cuvva

Chris Malinchak

Gold Fields

Steve Huerta x Urulu

Ben Sollee x Thomas Jack

Young & Sick

New Playlist • CØVER UP

Playlist full of wonderful covers and edits to soak in while cruising with pals or expirementing with fun stuff at two am on the beach – eitherway you will like what you hear!




New Playlist • Extra Special Room Rates

Some zonked out tunes for a trip out into the galaxy – it’s a journey behind the sun around to Mars – let the weird sink in

New Playlist • Last Round Shakedown

Adios Agosto

Soundtrack for the sun as it starts to settle down a little earlier into the pacific and we all just really itch to be in Bali…

I’m back…